Julian Norman

Julian has ten years' experience in immigration law, and practised as a solicitor before being called to the Bar. She can help you with all types of immigration applications, from initial applications to complex appeals. Negotiating the Immigration Rules can be quite complicated, and whether you want an hour's advice or advocacy for a full appeal, clear legal advice can make all the difference to your case.


Immigration law is complex and detailed. Whatever the nature of your case, you need careful and thoughtful legal advice.

I have ten years experience in all forms of immigration law, and can assist with

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss your case, contact my clerks.

Direct Access

You can now come direct to a barrister! Until recently, barristers could only do work for a client if they were instructed by a solicitor. That has changed, and it is now possible to instruct a barrister through the Direct Access Scheme.

I can help you with your immigration case by drafting an application, taking statements, preparing appeals, and presenting your case in the Tribunal or the Higher Courts. There are a few limits: I can't lodge documents for you or pay fees on your behalf, for example.

I have a background of ten years in immigration law. I have both a wide experience of dealing with cases and the skills to present your case to its best advantage.

I can see clients at my chambers at One Paper Buildings. To make an appointment, contact my clerks.